Leave Application

Leave Application

PCQ Ministry Workers please use the form below to apply for leave.

Applying through this website helps provide a clear line of communication between you, your local Session, and PCQ Offices about your leave application. This greatly assists PCQ Church Offices and your local Session in keeping an accurate record of your leave entitlements.

When you apply for leave through this website, PCQ Office Staff pass your application on to your local Session for consideration and approval, or confirmation, as per the Rules of the PCQ, Regulation 110, Sections 12-20.

Once your leave approval is confirmed by the local Session, you will receive advice from the PCQ Office.

Important Information
1. Session Approval: Leave applications should still be submitted through this website even if you have already received Session approval as this provides advice to Church Offices. PCQ Office Staff will simply check with the local Session Clerk to confirm approval of your leave.
2. Study Leave: As no accrual record needs to be kept of Study Leave it is handled completely by the local Session. PCQ Offices do not need to be advised of your Study Leave applications/approvals.

* Sick Leave - Please see Regulation 110:15-18

If a period of sick leave exceeds 5 days, then the ministry worker must obtain a medical certificate and forward it to the Clerk of Presbytery, who should forward a copy to Church Office.

The Accident and Sickness Fund will reimburse the congregation for 50% of the ministry worker’s Stipend and EPFB after the first month of sick leave. The travelling allowance is also reduced to 75% of the normal travelling allowance after the first month.

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